Let me invite your body and soul to dance
Soul Reconnector
Lessons in sensuality
Your Soul is the reason and main meaning of life in this body. Everything happens according to the intention of the Soul and according to its Path. This is a database of absolutely all information about you and I have a special gift - to read, see, communicate with the Souls of people, reading any kind of information about you and giving you answers. I invite you to a healing session if you are ready to find out who you are, why you are here and get all the answers to the questions you have been looking for for years☀️🙏
Please go to my Instagram, Twitter, YouTube. See with your own eyes what a SOUL RECONNECTION session means and feel through sensations in the body, intuition, which is the voice of your Soul, whether you need it and whether you want the session.

At the end of this page I will post a small practice, it will take about 3 minutes. You will be able to “touch” that state yourself and reunite with your Soul as much as possible now.
I have the gift of seeing, conducting energy and transmitting information from the Souls of people in words. I read the past, options for the development of the future, everything about you as much as your Soul allows. Up to dates, events, finding the true root causes of your destructive states and completely healing them at all levels and forever (if there is your will and permission of the Soul). Complete diagnosis of the state of your bioenergy structure, “scanning” and viewing of internal organs and health status.
My videos have a healing effect. They are not only pleasant to watch, but in many ways they heal and unblock your energy, even while you are just watching them. I suggest you to check my “LESSONS IN SENSUALITY”, available for subscribers my platforms for fans.
P.s.: I have few platforms (content is the same, just choose one). Poatforms withdraw a fixed amount from your card every month. You can also forever gain access to my telegram channels with sensual videos by making a one-time payment. Regular group with sensual massage videos «Lessons in sensuality» - $44 USD, subscription forever. Group with super sensual massages and elements of sexual interaction, my VIP telegram group - $144 USD.

Pleasant dim light, warm comfortable temperature, delicious natural organic massage oil with natural essential oils of the highest quality, my warm big caring hands and time just for you. Turn off your phone, lie down on the massage table or bed and surrender to my pleasant touches. For me, the main thing is that you feel good, comfortable and pleasant.

Soul reconnection sessions in person involve working with the body through massage and many other techniques. This is a unique experience. You have never experienced anything like this before and what you will feel will be the first time. It looks like I am touching different parts of your body in random order, somewhere softer, somewhere deeper and stronger. If necessary, I also use massage techniques with oil. All this is very soft and pleasant.

The most common reviews among my clients: “I felt like I was rocking on warm waves all the time,” “it was the most pleasant massage of my life,” “I have never relaxed so much, and after the session I had a very deep sleep, although it’s been many months.” /years I couldn’t sleep well”, “how did you know that for a long time I had pain right there, there and there... but now it doesn’t hurt anymore!”, “I want more😅”.

IMPORTANT! All transformations through the body occur very gently and comfortably for you, you will be very pleased. My main method of work is astral surgery. I literally cut off from you softly, smoothly and carefully what you no longer need and does not correspond to how you would like to live. You may even fall asleep during the session (this happens with most of my clients) and you will literally wake up as a new person.

A pleasant bonus will be significant facial rejuvenation, your look will seem to become fresher, and your eyes will sparkle. Some people even even out their complexion in one session (if the root cause of such a change in skin color is not serious dermatological problems, but a violation of blood circulation and lymph outflow).
The cost of a session lasting 90-120 minutes is $514USD. Full payment is due before the start of the session. Forms of payment - Crypto, cash, WISE, PayPal, Skrill, Revolut.

BOOKING: my WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, links below.
Everything that I described above, but also with working with the upward flow of your sexual energy. Many people are simply not familiar with their libido, sexuality, and sensual sphere. Although this is the most sacred energy of Life, the motivation to get up in the morning, the “seasoning” and taste of life. I will help you remove blocks in the form of guilt, shame, self-flagellation and learn to experience true pleasure through free sexuality. Attention! This is a HEALING service - perhaps I will work with the area of your penis, perineum, but EXCLUSIVELY for the purpose of healing and unblocking sexual energy. I won't be naked and you can't touch me. But your feelings will be extremely wonderful and you will get to know yourself again after such a session. You will like it and it will be effective.

The session is suitable for those who cannot begin a free sexual life despite being over 20, who have a tendency towards distortions of sexual energy and “perversions” and at the same time you yourself want to change this, who have a very repressed sexuality due to upbringing in very traditional, religious families and you want liberation from these beliefs and so on
The cost of a session lasting 90-120 minutes is $1014 USD. Full payment is due before the start of the session. Forms of payment - Crypto, cash, WISE, PayPal, Skrill, Revolut.

BOOKING: my WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, links below.
- 3 SOUL RECONNECTION sessions per week in person, each 120-150 minutes, very deep healing. I work with you 1 week. Sessions can be in person or online
- answers to all your questions (which I read from your Soul during the session) + subsequent online support via messengers if necessary within a week;
- most likely, after this you will no longer need the services of psychologists, advisers, coaches, etc. You will completely free yourself from false programs, restore your complete integrity, self-confidence, understanding of who you are, why you live and what to do next;
- you have to be ready, that your life will be changed a lot, because you will start to follow The Path of the Soul - the most optimal, harmonious and safe scenario for living this life by your Soul in this body.
The cost of 2-3 session lasting 90-120 minutes is $2014 USD. Full payment is due before the start of the first session. Forms of payment - Crypto, cash, WISE, PayPal, Skrill, Revolut.

BOOK A COMPLETE SOUL RECONNECTION SESSION: my WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, links below.
In case of serious deep requests, if you want to invite me to your city for long-term work through the body / fly to the city where I will / consult online. This service is suitable for business owners, for whom I can help read situations, people, future development options and potential results of decisions made, help in finding the best models and making the most optimal decisions.

We discuss all the details and features of how and how I can help in advance via video call. To book a consultation meeting, write to me on one of the messengers:

Find out more about the monthly support service “Personal Healer” -
BOOK A ONLINE CONSULTATION TO DISCUSS DETAILS: my WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, links below.
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What requests do I work with through "SOUL RECONNECTION"

SYMPTOMS that you are NOT IN CONTACT WITH YOUR SOUL and it is desperately knocking, already creating “problems” in your real life so that you stop and hear its voice. I work with all these questions and can help you solve them:


- constant short-term illnesses or the presence of chronic diseases - I can help you in healing, even what “modern” medicine considers “incurable”, hooking you on the needle of drugs;
- body pain. Especially severe tension and pain in the neck, masticatory muscles, sacrum and lower back - I will help you relax these tensions forever;
- your libido has decreased significantly or has completely faded away, life has become insipid, you don’t want to do anything, apathy - I can return the joy and fire of life to you;
- you look much older than your age - I effectively remove the aging program, after the first session your face will become SIGNIFICANTLY younger and your eyes will sparkle more;


- non-acceptance, dissatisfaction with oneself, self-criticism, “eating” oneself for “imperfection”, the painful need to constantly improve something in oneself, criticism of others - we solve it at the level of root causes (after which you will accept and love yourself, as a result of which the level of aggression will decrease, auto-aggression and you will discover many new talents, gifts, skills and master your energy state, it will be difficult to “enrage” you);
- a feeling of loneliness that constantly haunts you, a relationship with a toxic partner, a relationship with a partner with whom it is simply impossible to be physically, but you are attached to this person for many months/years and do not know how to break this connection, according to the “love and hate” principle - this can be resolved forever and these issues can be closed, with comfort for you;
- typical “problems” of gay men: addictions, including substances, sex, masturbation - I can help make your life much more balanced and happy;
- causeless worry, anxiety and fears - relieving anxiety and restoring constant internal balance and harmony, no matter what;


- everything old is subtly crumbling, and you are afraid to let it go - I help you reach new levels of development and life, guiding you through the transformation gently;
- same type, repeating negative situations - unexpected losses of money, dramatic relationships that end in pain every time, and others. I can help you figure this out and “break” the vicious circle;
- "middle age crisis". Like a feeling of the meaninglessness of existence and a lack of understanding “why do I even live” and “why is all this necessary” - I will help you find new, truly your, meanings in life;
- you are a spiritual, empathic, wise person, you feel, you read others, you know how the universe works, but poverty is your constant companion, you desperately do not understand how to create money in your life OR you are a millionaire or simply a thoroughly wealthy person who works a lot, but there is some kind of constant melancholy inside and, to some extent, dissatisfaction with life - we will restore your personal balance between Spirit and Matter;


- escape from reality. Addictions - I help in recovery from addictions;
- cleansing energy, liberation from heavy energies;


You know that you have the gift of a healer, but you are shy, afraid, don’t know how to manifest it, and at the same time, somehow a lot of things in life “don’t work out.” Having a healing gift, it cannot be blocked, otherwise you will be constantly “hit on the head.” I will help you in the gentle and safe disclosure of your healing purpose, we will reveal your specific Power, we will understand how to work for the benefit of you and all people;
- - You have always dreamed of starting a business, but you don’t know where to start; or you already have your own developed business: but you want scale and access to new levels of income and development. Contact me, I am at your service and can help you.
IMPORTANT! I travel a lot. The main places I visit are Bangkok, Phuket, Manila, Boracay, Jakarta, Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai.
I love traveling and am even ready to fly to you, my conditions are round-trip plane tickets; hotel for the duration of the work (3-7 days, depending on the type of session) + payment for the service itself. Discussion of this service is only by preliminary video call.

It is better to conduct sessions at your home/in your hotel in the late afternoon, so that after it you can relax and go to bed without leaving anywhere (only walks in the forest/outdoors are shown - if the location of the session allows this. It is also advisable to limit the use mobile phone/computer/TV on the day after the session.
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