Healing through the pleasure

Hello and very warm
welcome to you!
My name is Alex and I am professional, certified massage therapist, energy healer and massage teacher
Soul reconnector
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I do not sell massage services, I take you by the hand and show you the world of magic, joy and Truth
💦 Remember the feeling when you carelessly swing on the calm sea waves and the sun is warming up your skin? ✨ Remember lying down to bed and feeling the freshly washed crispy linen which is fragrant with purity and freshness. 💫 Or breathing in a cool mountain air which relaxes and dizzies you with its aroma. ❤️ And the feeling Mom’s warm embrace and strong friendly support of your Dad

And what if I tell you that during our session, you’ll experience something really similar, but a way brighter and all at once? Moreover, being unnoticed by you, while getting pleasure, a colossal purification is going to take place, recovery and refilling of your body, aura and energy centers (chakras).
And as you get up after the session you will fly as if you have become several decades younger, number of kilos less weighing, returning the careless childlike joy of living - just because we live on the splendid planet called the Earth!
Our interaction will be built in the most comfortable, efficient and productive way and you will be the most satisfied if:

1. You are a massage gourmet, have tried many different types of massage and healing sessions, it is difficult to surprise you and you are looking for something extraordinary, exclusive and something that would be suited for you and only you;

2. And (or) you have serious inquiries for health, relationship, finance. These might be some problems that you weren’t able to solve for a long time and are simply in despair.
There's a big chance that I can help you.

3. And (or) you are sensitive to energies, have developed intuition and delicate sensing, you enjoy diving into high vibrations of your Soul and Spirit, you adore energy sessions from powerful healers;

4. And (or) you feel that you are different from the others, there is something extraordinary inside, possibly special powers. You are unique. But you are at the beginning of your way and it is scary / you are shy / unsure about what to begin with in opening your abilities.
Primarily I talk about magical / energetic/ healing abilities.
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For those who choose the best, appreciate themselves and respect the work of other people🙏
You can pay also in local currency of country where we meet

1 hour - 150$
2 hours - 300$
3 hours - 400$
This is not just a physical massage but a multi-dimensional, multi-level healing.

We can literally work with any request - manage health issues, enhance your financial channel and optimize your business development, improve relationships ... the request could be absolutely anything! We will not work only with the body itself! I work with your energy at all levels, through your Higher Self, your Super Consciousness and your Soul!

During the session, you can get the most genuine answers to any of your requests and questions, find a solution to any problem through the information from your Soul! My main target is to relax you so deep that you completely reestablish the connection with your Soul, which is an unlimited source of energy, inspiration and resource. For more details, please read my book.

Considering the effectiveness of your questions and requests solving, healing the problems in the body, the Antistress effect of this session will equal to 5-7 massage sessions. However, it will be many times more, because I work not only with the physical body, but also with the etheric, astral, mental, causal bodies, with the level of karma, Soul, Spirit and the Creator.

If you have any questions, please read my book! I am ready to answer your any questions.
When I do this massage, I don’t work according to schemes and techniques. I communicate with your multidimensional structure. On the video, you see only touching with my hands, in fact, I interact at all levels with your existence, right up to the size of the Universe. Step by step, we dissolve various kinds of blocks and your energy begins to flow freely, you become totally connected with your Soul at the end of the session and unlimited resources, opportunities become available to you and any of your creative desires are fulfilled instantly
1 hour - 250$
2 hours - 400$
3 hours - 500$
Have you ever experienced a divine orgasm? The one which is not only physical, but at the level of mental, emotion, soul? Healing through sensuality, through accepting you as who you are. You will feel as if you are in the safest place on Earth, where you can relax, leave out everything, open up to me completely as you are. I will give you the maximum possible amount of love, affection, care, sense of inner harmony which you can accept.

No sex! But only in this option you can touch me, during massage times to times I will do body to body elements, longer penis lingam massage then in option 3.

I want to give you an unforgettable experience of complete relaxation, care and pleasure. Just come to me, lie down and relax, I will do the rest myself. See you for amazing experience;)
1 hour - 200$
2 hours - 300$
3 hours - 400$
We both naked, this massage include body to body elements, you can NOT touch me. Like previous option, but without touching. Also incredible experience!
40-45 min - 100$
Available at my place (incall) only
Deepest relaxation ever. Perfect for first time for people who want just to try my unique magical experience

The author's unique method includes correcting emotional state, mental area, whole body itself, and in some cases even the one’s karma.

It consists of shoulders, neck, and face massage at physical level.

At emotional level, it is the deepest relaxation of the WHOLE body (it is LIKE craniosacral therapists and osteopaths way, but not that), due to a huge number of physiologically active points on the skull and face, working with which it is possible to have an influence on the entire human body.

First of all, if talking about energy positions I work with the energy of the Soul, Spirit and Creator of All. At first I heal through the upper energy centers, although I am also familiar with earthly energies and can use them to help you. Working with the head, neck and shoulders (the Soul energy receiving channels are located exactly there), we will unblock these channels and you will feel the deepest relaxation, pleasure and you literally detect how all areas of your life will improve after such a session of magic, because, no matter how plain it sounds, but in fact, everything around is energy.

Complex requests in different areas of life are possible - health, emotional state, business, relationships, etc, which you have not been able to cope with on your own for a while. I cannot guarantee the result, however my practice of working with people shows that this approach is extremely effective and gives positive results for all people who take my session.
5. ONLINE SENSUAL MASSAGE COURSE (prerecorded videos)
You can buy here ONLINE gay sensual massage course! 🔥 NOW JUST 50$.
Unique teaching technique, in 2-3 days you will be able to give a full body massage to your partner/client! 😎
For home use without massage table. 🙏
Some of my certificates
Conscious choice of my massage session will bring you a completely new delightful orgasmic journey where important is not only the tasty ending (which you will finally get in options 2 and 3) but the marvelous process itself. It will lead you through the deep inner experience of enjoying every tiny second of a healing touch which you wouldn’t ever want to stop.

Not only your muscles will release the blocks and tension but my energy of a master will go through your body and aura enlightening the path of your soul and giving you experience 10 times more filling than ordinary massage in saloon. Alex Magic Hands massage is about honoring your body and spirit and not about fast 10 minute orgasm.

Sending you my unconditional love.
Write to me to book your unforgettable transformational experience.

I prefer to work at my place. In extraordinary cases I can visit you. Let’s talk about that in WhatsApp.

Attention! I DO NOT work with people under the influence of drugs or alcohol! Except in special cases when clients come for healing sessions aimed at getting rid of alcohol or drug addiction or detoxification.

Tantra massage regards discovering sexuality within your body and an important part of it is respecting the limits of the giver, your Tantric Guide. During a Tantra Massage Ritual, a receiver remains always passive and accepting so there is NO SPACE FOR SEX OR ANY EROTIC EXCHANGE WITH MASSEUR

Happy end only with my hands! It’s amazing penis lingam massage. Do not ask me about more please. I do this type of massage in underwear. I respect you infinitely, my dear client. Show me your respect as well.
Small recommendations, thanks to which our session will happen in a particularly magical way.
1) Your task is to get maximum relaxation. I massage deeply, but very slowly and carefully. So please try to relax as much as possible. If during the massage, I begin to move your arms or legs or other parts of the body - do not resist, but do not help either. Just go with a flow;)
2) Please take a shower just before the massage. I always stay in good places and there is always the opportunity to take a shower before a massage.
3) The best thing you can do is to listen to your heartbeats during the whole session. Or just bring all of your attention to your chest area, the location of your heart energy center. Thanks to this, your thoughts will quickly leave your head and you will be able to relax as much as possible and "fly away" from reality.

WARNING! I accept cash, PayPal, SEPA, Swift, Western Union, Ria, Moneygram transfers
See you soon! With a lot of unconditional love from the bottom of my heart, Alex!
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