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Here to make you feel good
Welcome to my page. Thank you for your trust and your time. A new adventure awaits you, during which you will discover yourself. Who you REALLY are. Our interaction can be either during a meeting (healing massage) or through a remote session (energy massage or video consultation). You can also enjoy my healing videos (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, full versions of the videos are available to subscribers of my fan platforms), as well as reading my books with a healing effect.
The main effect of any kind of interaction with me is the feeling of reuniting you with your Soul. After all, you are a Soul in a human body. From incarnation to incarnation she comes to receive various experiences. And the passage of life’s path can be softer and more pleasant, or it can be more severe or even unbearable if you have strayed from your Path of the Soul. Low destructive energies come into your life when you have lost your way in order to illuminate and awaken - look! You're going the wrong way! Where should we go? This can be understood by talking with your Soul, establishing a connection with it.
I can do a lot - save people from addictions, cure physical diseases, heal depression, apathy, help you effectively solve any life problems. My main gift is the ability to speak with the souls of people and reunite the lost connection between a person and their soul.
I constantly move between Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Manila...
Japan, Taiwan, South Korea are also planned...
In 2024/2025 I plan to visit a number of European countries and the USA, Canada. If you really want my session, catch me in Asia. If you are from Europe, Canada, USA, but you have no plans to visit Asia, write to me on Whatsapp or Telegram, Viber... I will save your contact and notify you when I am in your city.

IMPORTANT! I understand that you might really like a personal session with me! But it is inconvenient for you to fly to the locations and countries where I am. I can fly to you. My conditions are plane tickets, booking a hotel for me for several days, we discuss the number of sessions and cost in person.

The main specificity of my massage is the deepest relaxation and cleansing of your energy. It’s as if you’ll lose tens of kilograms after our session, you’ll start breathing in a new way, your desire to live, create and, most importantly, enjoy life will be revived/increased!

Your thoughts will finally calm down, it will be so nice! It’s as if you are rocking on the waves of a warm sea under the gentle spring sun. During the massage, I combine a huge number of massage techniques - both Eastern and Western, as well as osteopathy, craniosacral therapy, work with energy meridians and much more. It's very nice, I promise.
The energies that go through me are the healing of physical diseases (in some cases even the topic of cancer (here naturally without any guarantees), cleansing of attachments to former partners, getting rid of addictions, activation of intuition, “superpowers” - clairvoyance, development of intuitive skills massage, restoration of the musculoskeletal system, joints, ligaments, including after injuries, operations, accidents, etc. And much more.

Price and duration are individual! According to your request, the state of your energy and many other factors. Please check the price via messengers - WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram

1014$ USD for the session. I do not limit time of the session. 1-2-3 hours, depends on your request, specific of your energy etc. if you are massage gourmet and you really interested in something special and unique, I know how to make you happy
Previous option + very gentle and caring touch. The massage is full of care for you and true love and acceptance of you as you are.

It's about unconditional, all-accepting love. You can relax and just be yourself. These are the warm feelings that you experienced when your mother hugged you as a child. My energy is very maternal, full of care and affection, even though I was born in the body of a man. Let me give it to you. Attention! This massage has nothing to do with any kind of sexual services! You cannot touch me, any kind of sexual interaction is strictly prohibited.

1414$ USD for the session. I do not limit time of the session. 1-2-3 hours, depends on your request, specific of your energy etc. if you are massage gourmet and you really interested in something special and unique, I know how to make you happy
Possible both in person and remotely. Regardless of the place on Earth where you are. In a personal meeting, this is a combination of very light touches on your body, as well as meditation and energy work. All you need to do is lie down and relax.
If the session is remote, you and I will set the day and time of the session via correspondence, determine the goals of the session and your requests. I conduct a session and then send you a detailed report on the state of your energy and what was healed. I can also give you recommendations on changing your lifestyle/diet/physical activity and so on, which I consider from your Higher Self. That is, this is ideal and specifically tailored advice for you, based on the state of your body/energy/psyche. They get right to the core of your request and heal you in the most effective way.
Expect the session itself to be around an hour. After this, you need 1-2 hours to rest and the energy state is harmonized.
What approximately might this session include? In particular:
- Diagnostics and cleansing of your energy from connections, energy vampires - visible (people) and invisible (entities, destructive egregors and others);
- restoration of your pure flow of connection with the Soul and pure energy of the Earth (you can read more about this in the collection of my articles) - sincere and complete joy and desire to live, create, develop, an endless stream of inspiration will return to you again or for the first time in your life;
- Healing the primary energetic root causes of pain/health problems/diseases;
- Cleansing from destructive relationships with other people/former partners;
- Cleansing after visiting difficult places or destructive experiences (alcohol, substances, etc.) and more;
- Cleansing from programs received as a result of sexual relations with previous partners and disconnecting from them/their programs/their thoughts/emotions.

The first session is primarily diagnostic, the cost is individual, depending on the request. We discuss it in messengers first or we can do diagnostic session via video call first
To some extent it is similar to an energy massage. But if energy massage is more about relaxation and without talking/awareness, then consultation occurs through conversation. It's like consulting with a psychologist. But the psychologist works on the mental and emotional level, without affecting the layer of karmic load/experience of the Spirit and Soul/problems that began from past lives and still haunt you, problems, including genetic health disorders that extend from the race. All of this we can identify, discuss and heal.

Price and duration are individual! According to your request, the state of your energy and many other factors. Please check the price via messengers - WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram
Your personal healer. Thanks to the Gift of reading information, healing, foreseeing options for the development of the future, communicating with egregors, the subtle plan and energies of the universe, I can help you choose the most optimal and beneficial options for the development of your life, advise you both on small daily issues and on global life directions. Provide magical support and protection by connecting you with your Soul and helping you live the most harmonious, comfortable and successful scenario of your life. Attention! I do not practice any ritual/religious or other types of magic. I work through Soul and Spirit, leading you to the truth. I never influence other people except you and only according to your desire and approval. Support for 1 month (I am available on weekdays, from 8 am to 7 pm for actual communication by phone or SMS, I also conduct energy work with you at night if necessary). The amount of gratitude is from $10 thousand per month.

6 lessons - each 30-40 min. I can guarantee that after this course you will be able to give sensual massage to your partner/friend/client
For home use without massage table. 🙏

WARNING! How to get access to my course?

Videos posted on my JustForFans, LoyalFabs, F2F, FansOne pages!!! Subscribe to one of these pages to get acess. In addition to the lessons, you will also get access to the full videos of sensual massage, which are published there.

Links located on my website above!
Let's decide if I am the right healer for you and you are the perfect client for me!
Let's start with the fact that I have been working in the field of healing for more than 5 years (and near 1800 past life’s on Earth😇) And during this 5 years period, more than a thousand people received my healing sessions and changed their lives through ease and pleasure! Look through the window of our multidimensional train and enjoy the feedbacks:
Some of my certificates
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Attention! I DO NOT work with people under the influence of drugs (including the so-called «medical cannabis»!!!) or alcohol!!!!
Small recommendations, thanks to which our session will happen in the best way.
1) Your task is to get maximum relaxation. I massage deeply, but very slowly and carefully. So please try to relax as much as possible. If during the massage, I begin to move your arms or legs or other parts of the body - do not resist, but do not help either. Just go with a flow;)
2) Please take a shower just before the massage. I always stay in good places and there is always the opportunity to take a shower before a massage.
3) The best thing you can do is to listen to your heartbeats during the whole session. Or just bring all of your attention to your chest area, the location of your heart energy center. Thanks to this, your thoughts will quickly leave your head and you will be able to relax as much as possible and "fly away" from reality.

WARNING! I accept cash, PayPal, Wise, bitcoin, IBAN, Money gram, Ria, Western Union money transfers
See you soon!
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