Healing through the pleasure

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My name is Alex and I am professional, certified massage therapist, energy healer and massage teacher
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Through this video, I tried to convey to you the philosophy of my work. Unlimited happiness, opportunities, harmony and self-confidence live in each of us. But due to various difficult life circumstances, we sometimes forget about it. Let me remind you of this! I, as a conductor of Divine energies, will help you connect with your Soul and become your best version of yourself. See you soon. With Love, from the depths of my soul, your Alex
I promise you one of the most unforgettable and unusual massages!

It may sound pretentious, but from the birth I have a very strong connection with the Creator, with that boundless force that created everything that exists in this Universe. As a result, luck and success in literally all spheres of your life will begin.

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3 hours - 8000 THB, 250$, 1100 MYR
Warning this is not erotic massage! At all! It’s about healing and stress relieve. After this massage a lot of spheres of your life - well-being, financial, relations etc can change a lot to the better for you!
Important! You can come to me for this session with any kind of intention about self development - if something disturb you about health, wellbeing, your work, money etc… for Divine energy limits are not exist! We can improve any sphere of your life.
“While you were doing the massage, I had the feeling that several clergymen were praying for me during the massage”, “I felt the angels’ touch to my body and soul during the session”, “it was the best massage in my life”, “I have never had so deep relaxation" These are typical reviews about this massage my clients leave.
Some effects of this massage:
⁃ state improvement during depression, neurosis and stress;
- returning to your true life path, strengthening contact with your soul and the possible receiving of hints from it on how to act in a specific situation;
⁃ removal of panic attacks, agitation and lethargy;
- soothing pain and removing toxins;
- increase of compassion, acceptance and love to yourself and others.
3 hours - 12000 THB, 350$, 1600 MYR.
The best from all other types of massages, only in this option you can touch me. Very long session, which include my the best techniques for relaxation, increasing and healing sexual energy and maximum pleasure. You can touch me, I use my body a lot for massaging your body. With penis lingam massage in the end. Trust me, I will do my best to give you one of the most unforgettable massages in your life.
Have you ever experienced a divine orgasm? The one which is not only physical, but at the level of mental, emotion, soul? Healing through sensuality, through accepting you as who you are. You will feel as if you are in the safest place on Earth, where you can relax, leave out everything, open up to me completely as you are. I will give you the maximum possible amount of love, affection, care, sense of inner harmony which you can accept. This ecstatic experience will be accompanied by the presence of Angels and other Light Higher Beings who are completely composed of Divine Light and Unconditional Love.
No sex! But you can touch me, during massage times to times I will do body to body elements, longer penis lingam massage then in option 3, I totally naked (in option 3 I wear underwear)
I want to give you an unforgettable experience of complete relaxation, care and pleasure. Just come to me, lie down and relax, I will do the rest myself. See you for amazing experience;)
1 hour - 5000 THB, 150$, 640 MYR
1.5 hours - 6500 THB, 190$, 820 MYR
2 hours - 7500 THB, 220$, 950 MYR
3 hours - 8500 THB, 250$, 1100 MYR
We both naked, this massage include a lot of body to body elements, you can NOT touch me. Like previous option, but without touching. Also incredible experience!
4. SENSUAL FULL BODY MASSAGE WITH HAPPY END (no touching and no body to body elements)
1 hour - 3200 THB, 100$, 400 MYR
1.5 hours - 4800 THB, 140$, 600 MYR
2 hours - 6000 THB, 180$, 770 MYR
3 hours - 7500 THB, 220$, 1000 MYR
It’s amazing full body massage with lingam penis massage in the end and “happy end”. In this option you can not touch me. I will wear just underwear. No body to body elements
I want to give you an unforgettable experience of complete relaxation, care and pleasure. Therefore, your position in massage is extremely passive and accepting. Your task is to come to me, lie down and relax, I will do the rest myself. This massage I do in underwear. See you for amazing experience;)
1 hour - 2500 THB, 70$, 320 MYR
1.5 hours - 3400 THB, 100$, 430 MYR
2 hours - 4000 THB, 120$, 500 MYR
Regular full body massage.

“Deep tissue” massage helps with scoliosis and different leg lengths. Spine restoration. The cervicothoracic region relaxation. Healing pains, discomfort in your body. The massage is very effective even for problems that have troubled you for several months or even years. But in the latter case, I cannot give 100% guarantees, although I will make maximum effort to help you.

“Relaxing” massage. Let's bet that regardless of your stress level, anxiety and tension, through my hands there will be such a deep relaxation of your body, psyche and elimination of negative emotions and experiences? Let’s check it out?;)
1 hour - 1700 THB, 50$, 220 MYR
Unique methodic. Removal of swelling from the face, smoothing wrinkles after the first session. Includes work with the whole body, with an emphasis on relaxing the neck-collar area, hair of the head and face. Combination of hand massage and Chinese guasha technique.
Because there are many biologically active points on the face through which you can influence the whole body and internal organs, there is a very powerful relaxation of the whole body through work with the face and neck. After the session you will feel the effect of «rebirth», as if the weight has been lifted off your shoulders, a lot of blocked, unpredictable emotions will leave your physical, emotional and mental body. And most importantly - it is incredibly nice!!!
Attention! This massage can be taken as an independent procedure, and as an addition to any of the listed on my site.
You can buy here ONLINE gay sensual massage course! 🔥 NOW JUST 50€ instead of 150€
Unique teaching technique, in 2-3 days you will be able to give a full body massage to your partner/client! 😎
For home use without massage table. 🙏
Some of my certificates

I work at my place. I can visit you only in extraordinary cases, like example for healing sessions if you can not move etc. Also I can visit you for massage option 2 and 3 (2 hours and more). In these cases I will ask you to call me taxi both ways🙏

Attention! I DO NOT work with people under the influence of drugs or alcohol! Except in special cases when clients come for healing sessions aimed at getting rid of alcohol or drug addiction or detoxification.

Tantra massage regards discovering sexuality within your body and an important part of it is respecting the limits of the giver, your Tantric Guide. During a Tantra Massage Ritual, a receiver remains always passive and accepting so there is NO SPACE FOR SEX OR ANY EROTIC EXCHANGE WITH MASSEUR

Happy end only with my hands! It’s amazing penis lingam massage. Do not ask me about more please. I do this type of massage in underwear. I respect you infinitely, my dear client. Show me your respect as well.

If you are interested in touching my genitals only or getting an orgasm 10 minutes right after the massage starts, please do not come to me! Both of us will be uncomfortable and neither of us gets pleasure! If you want a session, which is delightfully beautiful, unusual, healing, filling with the energies of unconditional love, you love a high-quality long massage with a pleasant and "delicious" ending, I am waiting for you!
Small recommendations, thanks to which our session will happen in a particularly magical way.
1) Your task is to get maximum relaxation. I massage deeply, but very slowly and carefully. So please try to relax as much as possible. If during the massage, I begin to move your arms or legs or other parts of the body - do not resist, but do not help either. Just go with a flow;)
2) Please take a shower just before the massage. I always stay in good places and there is always the opportunity to take a shower before a massage.
3) The best thing you can do is to listen to your heartbeats during the whole session. Or just bring all of your attention to your chest area, the location of your heart energy center. Thanks to this, your thoughts will quickly leave your head and you will be able to relax as much as possible and "fly away" from reality.

WARNING! I accept cash, PayPal, SEPA, Swift, Western Union, Ria, Moneygram transfers
See you soon! With a lot of unconditional love from the bottom of my heart, Alex!
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