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welcome to you!
My name is Alex and I am professional, certified massage therapist, energy healer and massage teacher
Your masseur
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WARNING! I can send you video how I do erotic massage, if you want to see it, send me sms to whatsapp... unfortunatelly, I can not upload here video 18+
I promise you one of the most unforgettable massages in your life! If you will not like it, you can pay me less. WARNING! It’s only about massages and VIP programs without happy end, I do not do discounts for erotic massages!!

I do not have fixed prices for energy healing, because I ask for helping you Divine, Earth and Universal energies, not my personal and I can not have fixed prices for that.


1.1. Royal relaxing program 1.5 hours - 120€, with happy end - 150€

1.2. Power of love program 1.5 hours - 120€, with happy end - 150€.

1.3 Total physical and emotional reborning 1.5 hours - 120€, with happy end - 150€.

1.4. HOTTEST IN YOUR LIFE VERY SENSUAL, BODY TO BODY MASSAGE. Always with happy end;) 1 hour - 150€, 1.5 hours - 200€, 2 hours - 250€.

1.5. Psychosomatical massage "Social masks removing massage" (deep regenerative facial massage) - 1 hour - 100€ (My recommendation)

1.6. Chinese guasha treatment massage 1 hour - 100€, very effective old traditional treatment massage if you have any problems with your back or other parts of the body.


2.1. Deep tissue massage - 1 hour 70€, with happy end - 120€.

2.2. Relaxing massage - 1 hour - 70€, with happy end - 120€.


3.1. Energy session of the spine alignment, leg length, the spine stabilization, issues with hernias and other back problems (Divine alignment of the body) - No fixed prices, up to you

3.2. Improving overall well-being, filling with vital energy, deep relaxation and stress relief - No fixed prices, up to you

3.3. Cleansing the psyche from negativity, improving physical well-being - No fixed prices, up to you

3.4. Healing of the liver and gastrointestinal tract - No fixed prices, up to you

3.5. Formation of responsibility for one’s own life, assistance in self-awareness as a single creator of one’s own life - No fixed prices, up to you

3.6. Rejuvenation of the face skin, body, regeneration of body cells up to the DNA level - No fixed prices, up to you

3.7. Educational and life-changing courses

4. 2 DAYS (6 HOURS TOTALLY) GAY SENSUAL MASSAGE WORKSHOP. I will teach you how to do sensual amazing massage - 2500DKK


6. PERSONAL ENERGY AND PSYCHOLOGICAL COUCHING - to solve problems in different spheres of your life - health, relations, finances and others. Ask me about details
I am so sure that you will like my massage, that I have next offer for all my clients. Unless you experience the outstanding pleasure within first 10 mins I will not take any money for massage and will finish it. It works only first 10 min of massage.

Royal relaxaing program
My recommendation!
Really, I think, that this program is necessary for everyone. Because modern world soooo full of stress!! Near 80-90% of my clients first minutes of massage usually extremely tensed and stressed.
This causes not only physical and psychological discomfort, but can also cause a lot of diseases, negatively affects your career, personal life, relationships with friends etc. This program will help you totally relax.
I promise you... it will be one of the most amazing relaxing experiences in your life!
Power of love program
Let's be honest! We all want to be loved! Most of us did not get enough love when we were children and untill today we have this feeling inside, that people around us do not love us enough. So many people have or used to have unhappy relations with partner, they do not feel enough tenderness, love and care.
You will forget about this feeling under my hands!
Sensual loving touches of my hands will give you unforgettable pleasure, support and protection. You can forget about all the hardships and problems and for several hours immerse yourself in an atmosphere of complete harmony, love and happiness.
As a result - harmony, happiness and feeling of total protection in the end.
Total physical and emotional reborning
During this whole body massage, I will try to do my best to find and work out every muscle tightness in your body, to alleviate muscle pain, discomfort and limited movement as much as possible.
In this massage I use classic techniques+ deep techniques from Thailand, China + special massage equipment.
This is the "deepest" deep tissue massage. At the same time I always try inflict minimum pain with maximum result!
In the end we will do my favourite effective type of energetic healing - Divine alingment, you can read about that below.
Psychosomatical massage "Social masks removing massage" (deep regenerative facial massage)
Deep regenerative facial massage is a unique technique for
the face shape modeling, restoring the elasticity
and the skin tone, it also is a practice for deep work with the body and blocked emotions.

Cosmetic effect:
- the skin condition improves: elasticity increases, turgor, skin colour improves
- superficial wrinkles are smoothed, and deep ones become less noticeable
- facial skin, nasolabial folds, mimic wrinkles
- the physiological regeneration of skin tissues is activated, starting the process of deep skin cleansing
- instant skin toning, the appearance of a natural blush
- instant skin tightening, feeling of fullness and velvety
- face shape correction

Wellness effect:
- the sense organs functioning improves
- hair growth improvement becomes possible
- the neck and face muscles relaxation
- incredibly deep relaxation and RELEASE OF EMOTIONS WHICH BOTHER YOU;
- facial expression changes, it "opens", radiates freshness, purity and light.

Emotional Effect:
- reactions to stress become more vivid and spontaneous
- thinking sharpness and clarity increases
- real deep desires come out
- a person begins to declare themselves, interests, stop to turn a blind eye to things
Chinese Guasha treatment massage
Guasha is a type of body massage with the origin from traditional Chinese medicine. It aims to eliminate stagnant qi energy.
In Chinese philosophy, it is life energy whoch moves through the human body.
It would seem that the more energy, the better, however, according to oriental healers, its excess can cause inflammation and pain.
The technique essence is in massaging with scraping movements at a different pace and strength.
Although the procedure is considered painless, bruising usually appear on the body.
Some experts say that this indicates the body cleansing of stagnant blood and toxins (or, if you prefer, of negative energy).
Whereas others insist that this is how the body signals problem areas that should be given special attention.
Anyway, the marks disappear within three or five days.
The procedure has a very powerful healing character both for the muscles and for all internal organs.

Facial guasha is performed according to the same principle as body guasha, but with the help of gentle,
stroking massage movements that will not leave intimidating marks.
I recommend guacha to everyone who wants to have smooth and taut skin without edema.
The massage is very effective and you will see the effect of skin refreshing,
reducing the number of wrinkles and increasing the skin tone on the face after the first session.
Deep tissue massage
It is a combination of Swedish massage + Chinese meridian massage + Thai oil massage techniques + deep work with trigger points. Sport massage is characterized by a powerful therapeutic effect on the body. It relaxes tensed muscles and helps relieve pain in muscles and joints
Relaxing massage
This kind of massage is mild and careful. Hawainan Lomi lomi nui techinque. Any painful feelings are absolutely avoided.
After the massage, you will feel relaxed, comfortable, and enjoyable.
Hottest in your life sensual body to body massage
The most sensual and horny body to body massage is an erotic massage which I do totally naked. I use my entire body to massage you. You can touch me everywhere. There is much more bodily contact than found in a traditional massage. You will be impressed!
General describing of energy healing
What is it?
Alright, turn off the wi-fi on your phone, and now turn it on. Have your feelings changed somehow? No:)
Or remember how you go by public transport, someone looked at you from behind, you felt this and turned around sharply.
Or another example ... after interacting with some people you feel great – you levitate, you have a lot of energy, and after others - you are like a squeezed lemon.
All of it confirms that our world is not only solid matter, obsessed with sensations, etc.
Earthly energy flows in each of us (for example, after going to the forest or after spending days at sea, we feel much better, because we are fed by the energies of the Earth) and cosmic (more intellectual, spiritual).
I work with cosmic energies that are already in each of us. The main task of cosmic energies is spiritual education, enlightenment, healing of diseases through awareness of things that are important specifically for you. A disease is just a signal from your body that you are doing something to your own detriment, you urgently need to pay attention to something. It’s like psychology, but spiritual of a higher level.
Energy is everywhere, it goes through everything and it is everything. Therefore, with the help of energy, you can heal diseases, cleanse rooms, improve relationships between people, increase physical endurance, relax and eliminate stress and sooo much more !!!
And most importantly - you can heal with energies both in person and remotely anywhere in the world.

There is no point in distance. Wherever you are you'll get my energy healing process. This distance session will be as effective as you could get while the meeting
Energy session of the spine alignment, leg length, the spine , issues with hernias and other back problems (Divine alignment of the body)
MY FAVORITE ENERGY TECHNIQUE! Extremely effective and life changing!
The spine is crucial for the health and well-being of a person on a physical, emotional and psychological level. Through the divine alignment, energy blockages are removed and energy can flow more freely in your body. You will feel that you are reborn again!
Divine healing of the spine can be used to heal and improve the condition with scoliosis, hernias, displacement of the vertebrae, different leg lengths, muscle tension, and inflammatory processes.
After the session, the energy works with you for another 3-4 weeks, smoothly changing your worldview, way of thinking and, as a result, healing your body.
Improving overall well-being, filling with vital energy, deep relaxation and stress relief
I primarily use the energy of Reiki for this purpose. Reiki helps to fill your body with harmony and balance. This is an effective, non-invasive method of energy healing, which enhances the body's natural ability to heal, while energizing and improving overall well-being.
The main result of getting a Reiki session is relaxation. When we are relaxed, we sleep better, our body heals better, we think more clearly, and we treat each other more sincerely. Often clients experience deep relaxation during a Reiki session, and sometimes deep sleep during a session.
On a physical level, Reiki helps to relieve pain from migraines, arthritis, radiculitis, and these are just some of the effects. Reiki energy also helps with symptoms of asthma, chronic fatigue, symptoms of menopause and insomnia.
Cleansing the psyche from negativity, improving physical well-being
In order to clean the energy, I use the energy of the "Astral Doctor" in the first place. If you feel apathy, irritability, aggression, weakness, most likely a lot of negative things have accumulated in your subtle bodies, extraneous connections, the energy flows out without your will.
The energy of an astral doctor treats not only the body, but also the psyche and soul of a person. It helps to normalize the work of all human organs. It is charged with clean, bright and healing energy. Cleans from negative influences. Breakdowns in the biofield are fixed, magical and witchcraft influences are cleared, dark energy is destroyed. Harmful power connections are removed.
Overall energy rises.
Healing of the liver and gastrointestinal tract
The energy "Ravshan Liver" was received by me from the Higher Forces in April 2020. A very new, highly vibrational, effective energy to treat the liver. Energy is designed to quick liver cells restore, optimize and facilitate the secretion of bile and its excretion. Helps relieve inflammation. It is recommended for hepatitis B and C. From the point of view of psychosomatics, aggression and resentment "settle" in the liver. The use of this energy heals this negative, gives a feeling of joy, harmony and peace.
Formation of responsibility for one’s own life, assistance in self-awareness as a single creator of one’s own life
Extremely life changing technique!!! After the session, a weightless crystal of a heavenly color is activated in your aura, which will help you to shape your own life freely and responsibly. The crystal will motivate you to develop in the direction of becoming aware of yourself as the only responsible creator of your life. This, in turn, will expand the horizons, open your spiritual wings, and help you to realize your own omnipotence and limitless possibilities.
Rejuvenation of the face skin, body, regeneration of body cells up to the DNA level
To do this, I use the energy "Light cosmetology." After each session, a person becomes not only younger and more beautiful. The physical body also heals and a person grows spiritually.
The gene system is recoded, aging programs are erased from the subconscious (everything is in our heads, and even the need to “age” too!). But this is a gradual process. At first, aging slows down. Then it stops. And then time goes back.
After the session, there is a feeling of happiness, peace and joy. The results are visible immediately after the first session, about 10 sessions are needed to completely stop the body's aging program.
Your body and your organs are getting younger! With each subsequent session you become younger more and more!
2 days (6 hours totally) gay sensual massage workshop. I will teach you how to do sensual amazing massage
Personal workshop only for you! I will teach you how to do amazing gay sensual massage (mostly relaxing, but deep tissue is also possible). It can be course for beginners or for for professional masseurs who want to learn about sensual massage. I will try to do my best to teach you physical, emotional, energy aspects of this massage
Energy healer course for masseurs, doctors and people who want to help themselves or another people
During this course I will teach you how to work with Higher Forces, how to use brights energies of Universe for healing your clients, yourself, relatives, friends etc. At the moment it is one of the most effective healing techniques in the world!!!
Personal energy and psychological couching
We will work and try to solve your energy, psychological, mental blocks which stop your development.
We will solve problems in different spheres of your life - health, relations, finances and others, depends on your wishes and needs.
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